Lead Visitors To Click And Take Action
On WordPress

Use Placardly to add customized buttons on top of your webpages and shortened links to lead people into clicking your buttons and taking actions.
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Unlimited Design For Your Unique Branding

Starting from the default colors, layouts, and fonts to your own colors, images, and videos, your design possibilities are virtually limitless. This enables you to truly personalize everything and to get a unique look that perfectly match your brand style.

A Customized Button Builder That Gets You Clicks

A Placard is a customized button that always remains on top of a webpage and encourage visitors to take actions. Be it a link of your own website or of someone else's, your placards always lead visitors to click and take action.

Your placards remain always on top

Your placards remain visible on top of the screen even when visitors scroll the webpage. This gives your placards constant exposure to the visitors. In turn your placards bring more clicks and actions from your visitors.

You decide what visitors do next 

With Placardly, your important buttons are no longer buried among many other things like texts and links and images and what not on your website. Instead, your placards tell where to click next.

A Link Shortener That Doesn't Send Visitors Away

When you share links that aren't of your own website, you send visitors away. When you shorten those outside links using your domain name, it also sends visitors away. But when you use Placardly to shorten outside links, it keeps visitors on your own website instead of sending them away.

Placardly lets you shorten any outside links using your own domain name. Most importantly, it does this in a way that when your new shortlink is clicked, it opens up the outside link inside your shortlink. Thereby keeping visitors on your website.

Share Your Own Branded Contents Without Creating Any

Placardly takes content curation at a new level by allowing you to add your own domain name as well as your own placards to almost any contents on the internet. So, now you don't have any limits of how many of your branded contents you can share without creating any of your own.

Follow Up With Every One Of Your Visitors

When someone clicks on your link or browse different pages on your website, you know that they are interested. So, you will have a very high conversion rate if you can promote your offers to them even after they leave your website. Placardly lets you track those visitors so that you can retarget them and show your tailored ads to them on social media and other websites.

New Link Or Old Link, Add A Placard To Every Link.

Your existing links are everywhere. Always working to bring visitors on your site. Changing them will mean stopping them. That's why Placardly allows adding placards to your new links as well as to your old ones.

Keep Your WordPress Links Intact

It just makes sense to be able to add your placards on your existing pages because they are already branded with your domain name. So, with Placardly, you can do just that without altering your links or page contents of your WordPress Pages, Posts, WooCommerce Product Pages, and others.

Keep Your Shortlinks Intact

Your existing shortlinks are already branded with your domain name and and are circulated everywhere. So, it is important that you keep those links unchanged. That said, you can recreate or import those shortlinks inside Placardly and then add your placards to those unchanged shortliks.

Feature. Full.

Placardly wants you to grow without getting held back by any limitations. With that in mind, you get an unlimited usage of every Placardly features from adding placards to shortening links to tracking analytics to everything else.

Get Unlimited Visitors Per Month

Get Unlimited  Clicks Per Month

Create Unlimited Placards Per Month

Create Unlimited Branded Shortlinks Per Month

Add Unlimited Custom Backgrounds Per Month

Add Placards Automatically

All Placard Types

Powerful Analytics

Retargeting Pixels

Native WordPress Posts and Pages Integration

Native WooCommerce Integration (Road Map)

UTM Builder (Road Map)

Ordinary Influence For Extraordinary Conversions

Your placards can be tailored to each link. So, you can influence your visitors to take specific actions based on the link they are visiting or their past behaviors. Consequently, they take more actions and become a part of your conversion funnel. Generating your an exceptionally high conversion rate.

Convert everything you can imagine

Affiliate Links

Add your affiliate product links to placards on pages with similar contents to be able get an exceptionally high conversion rate.

Content Views

Send your visitors to your other articles, videos, reviews, product pages, and any others contents by adding a placard to your links.

WooCommerce Products

Highlight your products and services to your visitors by adding them to your branded placards.

Ad Revenue

Placardly limitless possibilities allow you to also earn ad revenue by showing ads on your placards.

Make Impossible Conversions Possible

Since forever, you don't get any conversion from sharing outside links. And as is the case, your own website isn't optimized for greater conversion either. But Placardly changes all that by bringing every one of your shortlink visitors to your own website and facilitating conversions that was previously considered impossible.

Social Media Posts

Converting from links in your social media posts is a lot harder than most other things because you often end up sharing links of other websites. These links just take your visitors away. Whereas by shortening those links using Placardly, you make them behave just like any other links of your own website. besides, your custom shortlinks give visitors idea about the links even before they open the links.

Marketing Emails

Emails give you direct access to your prospects which is a very big thing in comparison to almost all other methods where you lack any direct access. Having this advantage, you can add placards in the links you share in your emails. This will in turn tell them what action they should take next and make a world of difference in your marketing campaigns.

Facebook Ads

Converting your paid ad campaigns are one of the most important things as it directly relates to your cost and performance. Adding your placards is probably the one missing piece you needed all this time to make your ad campaigns a success.

Review Articles

You are already pitching a product or service in your review, comparison, and similar articles. By highlighting the important product in your article and displaying a direct buy link button will increase your conversions significantly.