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A Link Shortener That Doesn't Send Visitors Away

Shorten links with your own domain name.
Build topbar, sidebar, popup, and 10+ call-to-actions.
Add CTA on sites you own and on sites you don't own.
Placardly is a branded link shortener and a call-to-action builder. It allows adding CTA on all your shortlinks, posts, and pages in WordPress.

Easy To Use

Placardly is built to be user friendly and highly customizable. From link shortening to building call-to-actions to everything else in Placardly is super simple and very powerful.
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Build Attention Grabbing
Call To Actions

A Placard, aka call-to-action, is a customized button that always remains on top of a webpage and encourage visitors to take actions. Be it a link of your own website or of someone else's, your placards always lead visitors to click and take action.
Topbar Placard
Sidebar Placard
Popup Placard
Banner Placard
Chat Placard
Text Placard
Button Placard
Image Placard
Video Placard
Invisible Placard
Form Placard (Roadmap)
Lightbox Placard (Roadmap)

Placards Are Perfect For ...

All your WordPress posts
All your WordPress pages
All your WooCommerce product pages
All your Placardly shortlinks
Create Your First Placard

Add A CTA On
All Your Shortlinks

Placardly lets you shorten any outside links using your own domain name. Most importantly, it does this in a way that when your new shortlink is clicked, it opens up the outside link inside your shortlink. Thereby keeping visitors on your website.
Shortens links with your custom domain
Opens shortlinks inside your website
Adds placard also on sites you don't own
Allows adding placards automatically
Alows updating your old shortlinks
Provides analytics of your shortlinks
Tracks every visitor of your shortlinks
Supports FB & Google remarketing pixels

Placardly Shortlinks Are Perfect For ...

Every link in your Facebook ads
Every link in your social media posts
Every link in your emails
Every link in your blog posts
Every link in your product pages
Every link in your webinars
Shorten Your First Link

Turn Your Visitors Into
Leads And Buyers

Your placards can be tailored to each link. So, you can influence your visitors to take specific actions based on the link they are visiting or their past behaviors. Consequently, they take more actions and become a part of your conversion funnel. Generating you an exceptionally high conversion rate.

Track And Analyze Your Visitors' Behavior

Placardly gives you analytics about your link clicks, its visitors, where they come from, and how your links perform. You can additionally add Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity, or any other tracking services to better understand how your visitors behave on your site and to take beter decisions about how to increase your conversions.

Retarget Visitors On Facebook & Google

When someone clicks on your link or browse different pages on your website, you know that they are interested. So, you will have a very high conversion rate if you can promote your offers to them even after they leave your site. Placardly lets you add Facebook, Google, and other remarketing pixels so that you can convert more people by showing your tailored ads to them on social media and other websites.

Influence Your Visitors To Take Actions

Your placards can be tailored to each link. So, you can influence your visitors to take specific actions based on the link they are visiting or based on their past behaviors. Consequently, they become part of your conversion funnel and take more actions on your website. Therefore, you enjoy a higher conversion rate from all your visitors.

Make Impossible Link Conversions Possible

Since forever, you don't get any conversion from sharing outside links. And as is the case, your own website isn't optimized for greater conversion either. But Placardly changes all that by bringing every one of your shortlink visitors to your own website and facilitating conversions that was previously considered impossible.

Placardly Tools Are Perfect For ...

Conversion from landing pages
Conversion from affiliate links
Conversion from marketing emails
Conversion from review articles
Conversion from ecommerce products
Conversion from social media ads
Start Making Conversions

Feature. Full.

Placardly wants you to grow without getting held back by any limitations. With that in mind, you get an unlimited usage of every Placardly feature from adding placards to shortening links to tracking analytics to everything else.
Get Unlimited Visitors Per Month
Get Unlimited Clicks Per Month
Create Unlimited Placards Per Month
Create Unlimited Branded Shortlinks Per Month
Add Unlimited Custom Backgrounds Per Month
Add Placards Automatically
10+ Placard Types
Powerful Analytics
Retargeting Pixels
Native WordPress Posts and Pages Integration
Native WooCommerce Integration (Road Map)
UTM Builder (Road Map)

Compatible with ...

Placardly works with all your favorite themes and plugins. Here is a list of a few of them.

Early Bird Pricing

Our biggest discounted pricing is only available for the first 100 people within our launch week.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you aren't satisfied with Placardly, send us a refund request and we will refund your full amount without any questions!
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